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Feral Nifty

Free Workshop! 

This February, Come join Gabriel Lipper and I for the FREE Learning to See workshop.  You will learn a ton of fabulous information from both pre-record and live content in this once-a-year event.

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About Me

I paint,  sculpt and sing, often at the same time. Over a number of years, I’ve curated a multi-disciplined education uniquely my own. A lifetime of travel has led me to study with several masters of sculpture and paint. Each artistic discipline has informed the other.

As an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), in 2021 and 2022 my work was part of several juried, local, national, and international shows. I was awarded first place in the Shape and Form exhibit for my sculpture “Veneer of Shelter,” as well as a third-place and an honourable mention for two of my paintings. My solo show “Back in A Moment”  hung in Maury Young Gallery in June. 

Sharing my knowledge by coaching other artists in the online program and community, Learning to See, brings my creative passion full circle.  Since its incarnation, Learning to See has been dedicated to the education and development of artists from around the globe. In collaboration with Gabriel Mark Lipper, I’ve worked with hundreds of artists of every level, helping to develop their potential and skill sets so they can confidently move forward with the work they aspire to.

In my practice, my focus has always been on people. An individual’s unique adaptability and vulnerability are endlessly intriguing to me. The wordless communication that happens with the tilt of a head or the crook of a finger, is the visual poetry I am forever wanting to capture. The emotions that come from our involuntary gestures are a perpetual source of interest and curiosity.

My wish is that my work invokes imagery that it is merely the start of the dialogue and that, for the observer, the story continues beyond the boundaries of the piece. Creativity is immense… and each day I strive to explore as much as possible.

About Me